Bulk Inquiries

For customers placing larger-than-average orders (typically exceeding 100 units or $500.00), we have a specialized department dedicated to addressing your specific needs.

Bulk Order and Cancellation Policy: Once a bulk order is submitted, cancellation is not possible after the initial 24 hours. After this timeframe, a 5% cancellation fee will be applied, and the remaining amount will be refunded. Once a bulk order is confirmed with the customer, cancellation is not permitted under any circumstances. Refunds will not be issued for bulk orders canceled after 24 hours, with the exception of the shipping amount, which is eligible for a refund if applicable. This policy also applies to special item orders.

For prompt assistance with your bulk inquiries, please reach out to us at 718-301-9133 or email info@organicotc.com. We are committed to providing timely responses to meet your bulk order needs.